Make Your Home EV Ready and Install a 240 Volt Outlet

Thinking about purchasing an EV, or want to build your new home and plan for future charging needs? You can take advantage of CEC's 240 Volt outlet $150 rebate and help make your home EV ready!
  • Must be an active CEC member.
  • Purchase and install a dedicated 50 amp outlet at an address with active CEC electric service.
  • Restrictions apply; see application for details.

Incentive Information

To receive $150, the 240 Volt outlet must:
●    Be connected to a dedicated 50 amp circuit and must terminate in a NEMA 14-50 charger outlet.
●    New and unused.

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Incentive Information
Eligibility & Requirements:
● Outlet must be connected to a dedicated 50 amp circuit and must terminate in a NEMA 14-50 charger outlet.
● You do not need to purchase or install an EV charger at your home to receive the outlet rebate.
● Rebate not to exceed the cost of the outlet and/or installation.
● Outlets that are re-sold, re-built, received from warranty insurance claims, or won as a prize are not eligible.
● Installation must be permitted, inspected, and approved in compliance with National Electric Code, local, county, and state requirements. Members accept responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable codes. For safety, we recommend that a licensed electrician perform the installation.
● CEC disclaims any warranty, whether expressed or implied, for any materials or labor associated with installation, maintenance, or repair.
● All participating service locations are subject to inspection and usage data analysis.

How to Apply:
To receive your $150 EV outlet rebate:

1. Submit the online interest form and work with a CEC engineer to perform an infrastructure and equipment review.
2. After the CEC review, we will contact you regarding requirements of installation.
3. Install your qualifying outlet.
4. Complete the online rebate application.
5. Submit a copy of your proof of purchase and/or installation invoice and a photo of your installed outlet.
6. After verification, we will send you a check for $150.

This program may change at any time without notice at CEC's sole discretion. Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing.